Universal Human Rights 101

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“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” ~Nelson Mandela

Each and one if us is entitled to human rights which are fundamental rights that protect our humanity. It aims to provide equal rights to any human being of any nation, race, language and any other status. Whatever status you have in life, you would still have the desire to protect yourself.


The doctrine of human rights has become universally accepted within international law, global and regional institutions. Let’s try discuss the universal human rights that we need to know.


Throughout history we have struggled with situations dealing with justice and our rights. However, after the World War II, Human Rights was introduced along with the establishment of the U.N. Hence, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adapted on 1948. The Declaration was firmly based on the principle that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”. In addition, it lists 30 articles which involves, freedom, basic civil and political rights, social rights and economic rights.


Even though Human Rights has strongly developed over the years, it’s difficult to implement it universally. Many people still suffer from injustice and restricted rights for it can’t be directly forced on each nation.


As our world changes, human rights also evolves. Maybe, we can see a more potent law to protect our rights in the future.

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